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Bosch Tyre & Automotive Townsville
(07) 4728 9111

The tyres of your vehicle are one of the only things separating you and your passengers from the road below. As tyres are exposed to a large variety of weather and driving conditions over the years, they are likely to experience wear and tear and will require a regular tyre service to keep them maintained.

If your tyres are not serviced and repaired at regular intervals, it is likely that your tread will become too low thereby compromising the safety of you and your passengers. Improperly maintained tyres will have a reduced grip and traction, putting you at serious risk of skidding while driving. You may also find it harder to stop in an emergency situation or lose control of your vehicle, which is why it is extremely important to get a tyre repair or service regularly. 

At Bosch Tyre & Automotive Townsville, your safety is our highest priority. We will diagnose any issues with your tyres and wheels and repair them to the best standard possible to help keep you safe on the road.

Tyre Specialists

With over a decade of experience in tyre repair, Townsville drivers can trust us to perform all services and repairs to the highest standard, every time. We can also perform expert fittings on a range of tyre brands and sell Toyo Tires, Micky Thompson tyres and Maxxis tyres. Townsville drivers can also come to us for new rims from brands such as Dirty Life, Pro Comp and Micky Thompson. 

At Bosch Tyre & Automotive Townsville, we can diagnose and repair a number of tyre issues. We specialise in tyre servicing and repairs of all kinds, including but not limited to:

  • General tyre service
  • Tyre puncture repair
  • Tyre replacement
  • Tyre fittings
  • Wheel balancing 
  • Wheel fitment

Our comprehensive tyre repair and replacement services help to minimise tyre wear which can cause your vehicle to experience a number of problems. These can include your car pulling to the left or right, wheel vibrations, a crooked steering wheel when parked straight and poor fuel economy, thereby putting you at risk on the road. 

Get In Touch Today

At Bosch Tyre & Automotive Townsville, we use the highest quality diagnostic equipment and tools to uncover any issues with your tyres. We can assess all major tyre brands, including Maxxis tyres and Toyo Tires. 

As a part of the Bosch Car Service Network, our team is trained and kept up to date with the latest information and technological developments so that we can continually improve our servicing and results. All our services and repairs are backed by a nationwide guarantee and will not void your manufacturer’s warranty, giving you the peace of mind that all work carried at our workshop is supported across Australia. Ensure your tyres are as safe as possible when on the road by giving Bosch Tyre & Automotive Townsville a call today on (07) 4766 2608 or filling in our contact form.

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Bosch Tyre & Automotive Townsville
in Garbutt, QLD
(07) 4728 9111

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