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Bosch Tyre & Automotive Townsville
(07) 4728 9111

We strive to ensure your vehicle is performing at its best. Our technicians are updated with new release bulletins on new car models regularly and carry out workshop clinics and training. From Basic servicing to complete engine replacements and performance upgrades we ensure our technicians have the knowledge and experience to assist.

Our services include, Gearbox and Transmission servicing, Battery replacements, Brake and Clutch servicing, Radiator replacements, Engine repairs and rebuilding, Engine Diagnostic and Tuning and roadworthy certificates.

Not only do we have the right equipment for the job, we also have the technology. With the use of the Dyno Dynamic system we can measure power, torque and speed. The technology is designed to simulate road conditions, and can improve capabilities of diagnosing any faults that may show up during the daily driving of your vehicle. With the use of the Dyno our technicians can calculate and accurately gauge air/fuel mixtures and temperatures. Understanding your vehicle is important to us.

Brake Fluid

New Vehicle Servicing

Replace Alternators

Vehicle Inspection

Spark Plugs

Brake Pads

Timing Belts



Glow Plugs

Ignition Coil


Brake Servicing

Engine Diagnostics

Fuel Pump Diagnostics


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